Service and repair of aircraft engines

Company W-MOTOR SERVICE is a private aviation company, which was founded in 1990 and from beginning provides repairs and maintenance of aircraft piston engines that are heavy on the craftsmanship and precision processing. Engines maintained by the company have fifty-year tradition, for example Walter Minor 4-III and Walter Minor 6-III. Engines repaired at the company W-MOTOR SERVICE are installed into sport and training airplanes both at home and abroad and are in operation in the Czech Republic but also in Poland, Australia, Norway, USA, …

Demanding repair activity places high requirements on the technology equipment but also on the mechanic’s qualifications. Tradition, experience and qualifications of the company, an elaborate system of testing and checking provide all prerequisites for ensuring high reliability of the repairs, which proved their operation. The quality of work is guaranteed by trained and highly qualified staff, whose members have experience from previous job in reputable companies – Walter, LOM, CSA. Through the company’s W-MOTOR SERVICE it has trained nearly 20 workers for repairs and service of airplanes Cessna with the Lycoming and Continental engines.  W-MOTOR SERVICE company is a holder of certificates custom permissions issued by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority No. Ll-006/2 for maintenance and repairs.


Company W-MOTOR SERVICE has two centers:


On the basis of authorization CAA no. L-1-006 / 2 for repairing carries out repairs and maintenance of piston aircraft engines Walter Minor 4-III and III-6, M-137, M-332, M-337, Mikron III M-208, M-21, M-110 H, Renault Lycoming, M-601 tests on mobile diesel service MMZ-300 up to 300 kW Company during its existence performed 330 repairs of aircraft piston engines. Engines repaired at the company W-MOTOR SERVICE is primarily used in airplanes Zlin series but also in a wide range of historic airplanes and replicas (eg. Kaspar’s Bleriot and Etrich Taube).



Under the authority CAA c. ​​L-1-006 / 2 for repairing performs repairs, maintenance and periodic inspection of airplanes Z-42, Z-142, Z-242, Z-43, Z-50, L-40, L-13 L-23, Z-37, AN-2 Z-126, Z-226, Z-326, Z-526, L-200

Scope of approval CZ.MF.0026

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